About Us

Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd is a content service provider which is mainly targeted for internet geeks and individual people who want to develop websites. Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd is a unique web content writing company. It reached the customers with friendly and quality content. We make good SEO which is useful to websites to get top position.

Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd was found by Mr. P. VIJAYA KUMAR, who saw great success ranking their personal web assets on Google’s front page and decided to offer their skill as services to help rank small businesses, brands and savvy internet marketers. 

Founder of Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd: VIJAY KUMAR has taken degree in Information Technology. He started working on projects when he is studying and gathered a great team of 5 people who have innovative and creative thoughts. He started developing projects from the college days and developed so many projects. Later he started company in 2014 with an idea of developing more useful projects on own by gathering information from various sources. He started developing content websites and Android applications. 

Main Achievement of Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd is based on Staff. The Staff feels very free to work with Empress and friendly environment.

Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd staff size is 14 members. Those are continuously working with dedication to company. We are expected to increase staff size in coming years.